Organic Linkedin B2B Outreach

Your ideal prospects are on Linkedin - guaranteed. We will approach them on your behalf, create interest in your services and get them booked in for a call with you.
  • Our Linkedin lead generation service is all executed manually, with custom written messaging tailored to your target market
  • Your campaign will have a dedicated manager who will actively engage with your prospects on Linkedin and work towards getting them booked into your calendar
Laser Focused Targeting
Reaching out to the right targets on Linkedin is essential to your success. We will identify your ideal prospects for a rock solid foundation for your campaign.
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Carefully Crafted Messaging
The messaging used to make contact with your ideal targets has to be brief and engaging. Our skilled copywriters can create messages that get positive responses.
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Interaction And Engagement
Your dedicated Linkedin account manager will interact with your prospect after they respond positively and warm them up, generating interest in your offer.
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Appointment Booking
The next stage of the process is to get the interested party booked in for a warm sales call. Your manager will work towards this with all your ideal target prospects.
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Up to 800 Connection Requests Per Month
Up to 75{011938b486d77f130b7d152d79f5262da14123ffedcd536f9986326b1348d2cb} Average Accepted Connections
Avg Warm Leads Per Month
New Sales For Your Business!

Our Customers Say

Fantastic work from a professional team of marketing specialists. Amazing lead generation service!
A wonderful way to save time and money on advertising - I highly recommend skull rocket limited.
Barbara Rooney
Barbara Rooney
A really effective service for growing your revenue and profits in a risk free and painless manner.
Bradley Ryan
Bradley Ryan
App Developer
The skull rocket advertising experts are among the best on the planet. Just hire them already.
Joan Simpson
Joan Simpson
Productivity Guru